Monday, June 30, 2008

Just when I needed a Shooting Star most....

The past few days have probably been the hardest in my life and I know today and tomorrow won’t be easy either, but lo and behold, an amazing gift from a shooting star….

Lauren at Shooting Stars Magazine put together an incredible surprise for me and told me about it just now, when I need it most. It brought real tears of joy to my eyes, breaking through the tears of sadness that have been clouding my eyes since Thursday.

She is running “Stephanie Kuehnert week” on the Shooting Stars Magazine blog this week! They’ve done four blogs so far as a part of it, including a great guest blog from Melissa Walker that made me smile because I loved Poison, too, and a cool song of the day from Tegan and Sara. Best of all, she and a bunch of other amazing bloggers put together an extremely cool, HUGE contest to celebrate the release of IWBYJR!

I knew nothing of this, had nothing to do with it, and seriously cannot express how grateful I am to the lovely, lovely bloggers who contributed to this and especially to Lauren. You all made a hard time easier. Thank you! I hope everyone will go check out the contest and party with Shooting Stars Magazine this week.

Again this means so much to me and thanks to all the lovely bloggers for making me smile today.


Annika said...

What a wonderful surprise!

Kat said...

Congrats on your upcoming debut! I look forward to it.