Thursday, July 9, 2009

*Signed* copies of Ballads available for pre-order, ALA, and more!

I've got very exciting news for those of you outside of Chicago who are cursing my inability to visit your city and sign your book. You can get a signed copy of Ballads! A personalized one even!

On July 24th I will be doing an event at a bookstore in Chicago that is incredibly dear to me, Women & Children First. If you pre-order a copy of Ballads of Suburbia from them online here before the 24th and in the questions/comments section of your order put that you would like your copy signed at my event (you can even mention who you would like it signed to), they will hold your book until then, I will sign it and then they will send it on it's merry way to you. So there you go. If you want a signed copy of Ballads, but I am not coming to your city, that is your way to get it. Order it online from Women & Children First or call them on their toll-free number, (888) 923-7323 (which is probably what I'd do because I'm anal like that with special orders; I prefer talking to actual human beings). The sooner you do it, the better, so they are sure to set aside a book for you, especially if you want it personalized.

And not only will you get a signed book, you will be supporting an amazing bookstore that really needs your support to get through these tough economic times. Women & Children First bookstore is important to me because when I was going through absolute hell on my 16th birthday, my mom took me there and the women at the store showed me all of these fabulous empowering books like Girl Power by Hillary Carlip, Backlash by Susan Faludi and Angry Women. Those books saved my life. That and just knowing that I could go back to Women & Children First and find more books and people that I identified with and that understood me.

I wouldn't be here without the discoveries I made in that bookstore. Other women and girls need that bookstore. So I would be absolutely honored and thrilled if you decide to order my book through them. Or if you don't order my book, order something else, order tons of books, make them your new amazon :)

On to further excitement.... So guess who is staying at my house this weekend??? The fabulous Jeri Smith-Ready, author of my favorite vampire books, the WVMP series. I'm so excited to get to hang with her for a few days and pick her brain. Last night we got tiki drinks. Today we're getting tattoos. Jealous? Of course the reason she is in town is because the American Library Association (ALA) conference is here. We're attending this YA Author Coffee Klatch at the ungodly hour of 8:30 am on Sunday and then we are signing at the Simon & Schuster booth at 1 that day. I'm quite psyched, and pretty damn honored to be signing beside Jeri. Also I hear I'm going to get to meet some awesome bloggers, The Page Flipper and The Story Siren. It's gonna be a sweet weekend.

And a few more things to celebrate this weekend:

-Ballads of Suburbia will be released in August in the UK (Aug 20 according to and in October in Australia and New Zealand (no exact date given)
-A great review of Ballads from Plenty of Paper Reviews
-Another great review of Ballads from The Eclectic Book Lover

But I hope everyone remembers that for once, the real party begins after the weekend!!!!

Remember, come back here Monday for the beginning of the Ballads of Suburbia Cyber Launch Party. Monday also happens to be my birthday, but I won't be the only one getting presents. One lucky winner will get a signed copy of Ballads of Suburbia. All you gotta do is enter this contest.

Have a great weekend everyone!


shelburns said...

And, if they pre-order a book to be signed, then all they have to do is send a copy of the receipt to shelcows AT gmail DOT com and they are entered to win some FABULOUS prizes from some AWESOME bloggers:

Can't wait for the party!!

Heather said...

I'm SO pre-ordering a personalized signed copy... Now! ;) So when you sign a book to Heather Ezell, it's meeee!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Yes, so true Shelly!!! I will continue to remind people of this!

And yay Heather!