Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cyber Launch Party Day 4: The Ballad of Sara Hantz

Welcome to Day 4 of the Ballads of Suburbia Cyber Launch Party! For all of the details on the party including guests, the daily contests and the grand prize drawing be sure to read the information at the beginning of Day 1's blog.

Here's some quick Ballads of Suburbia news before we get to the guest blog.

Thao of Serene Hours reviewed Ballads here.

I did an interview with the Oak Leaves, an Oak Park newspaper, one that my characters in Ballads got written up in when they got into trouble so I think they would be proud. The article is here and features a picture of me at the Beacon Pub where I work. They also asked me some silly desert island questions here.

Now, today's guest blogger is author Sara Hantz!
Sara Hantz started writing when she ran out of degrees to study and decided it was much more fun to make things up than to comment on dry academics. Born in England, she moved to New Zealand a few years ago with her husband and two children. They own a motel and when she’s not working or writing Sara enjoys talking on msn to her writing buddies, walking on the beach, going to the movies and watching endless TV – especially anything with an ‘Idol’ in the title! You can visit her at

Here's Sara's ballad:

I’m thrilled to be here celebrating Stephanie’s new book BALLADS OF SUBURBIA, I’m hanging out to read it, and if it’s anything like I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone it’s gonna be awesome.

In keeping with Ballads, I’m blogging about a song that really got to me when I was younger, at a time when I was at a point in my life where I was beginning to drift. Life seemed to be passing me by and the only things on my mind were boys, clothes and going out. After I finished with a boy I’d been seeing for several months I knew I needed to do something. This song got me thinking. It’s DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOING TO? the theme from the movie Mahogany, and sung by Diana Ross. Even today when I hear it, it really touches me. The words are awesome. Here’s a little excerpt:

Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you
Where are you going to?
Do you know...?
Do you get
What you're hoping for
When you look behind you
There's no open door
What are you hoping for?
Do you know...?

Today's Contest:
Sara was kind enough to offer a copy of her book, THE SECOND VIRGINITY OF SUZY GREEN, as a prize today. To enter just leave a comment about Sara's ballad.

And you'll earn additional entries by blogging/tweeting/etc about this blog or the cyber launch party. Just note your additional entries in your comment. Winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, July 23.

Tomorrow's Guest:

Wendy Toliver, author of The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren and Miss Match, will be guestblogging tomorrow so please come back and visit then!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

No need to enter me, ladies. I'm dropping in to say hi and thanks for the e-mail, Stephanie. I've got this posted at Win a Book for you.

Pam said...

Great song. I'm sure it would have had me thinking when I was a teenager. Heck, it has me thinking now - where am I going?

melacan at hotmail dot com

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

I think this ballad was not only perfect for the teenage me, but the "adult" me.


Share You Sweet Tread said...

I have to agree with Sara I really love music and help me drift through my teenage years

Diana Dang said...

Sounds like a cool song!

I have linked about the cyber party on my blog's sidebar!

Kat Bryan said...

I like the ballad and I think it can pertain to any stage of our lives. Sometimes we get detoured and need to get back on track.

Love the book title!

winterset at

marina said...

i really like that song quote because no one really knows where they're going.
we all have where we want to go but you don't always end up there and we all have a clue but sometimes that doesn't happen either. lifes really sparatic.
and, while i hate not knowing, it's also thrilling wondering where i might end up. hopefully chicago, that's my dream. to actually be a writer in chicago. but who knows before then. i'll get there one day, that i promise.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Nice ballad. I've never heard this song, as far as I know, but I love these type of songs. It really makes me think about my life b/c I'm kind of at the "growing up" age since I'm 19 and in college.


Llehn said...

I remember that song! It gave me goosebumps! Thanks for taking me down memory lane.


Marie said...

Love the ballad -- it's stuck in my head now, which is a good thing :-)

Wendy Toliver said...

Oh that *is* a great number! And Sara, I love how you wrote "after I finished with a boy." Sounds so tough, like you just kicked him out the door on his butt. LOL. Anyway, don't enter me; I already have a copy of her fabulous book. Can't wait to read Ballads of Suburbia, Stephanie! xoxo

Lilibeth Ramos said...

One point in everybody's life they ask themselves some version of that question. So it's relatable to everyone, a connection that awaits us in the future. Great song, and if I don't win, I'm still looking forward to reading your book, sounds awesome. Lol, re-virginizing? Nice topic.

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I love the lyrics to that song!

Authorness said...

Hi, Sara and Steph!

Such a poignant song. Back when I first heard it, I sure didn't know where I was going in life. I *think* I have more of a handle on it now.

~ Vanessa

Sara Hantz said...

I'm so glad you all agree with me about this song. I haven't been able to get it out of head since writing this post!

Lori T said...

Hi Sara~

Great ballad! I remember this sound and it is amazing and I can see how it can used at any point in your life to reflect on where you are going and what direction you are headed in.

I think that music has such power over us and hearing a song that I used to love...can instantly take me back to that moment and the feeling that I had.

What a Girl Reads said...

I don't think I've heard that song, but I'll go check it out on youtube now!


runningforfiction said...

this was wonderfull.


Lilibeth Ramos said...

I think everybody pretty much asks themselves where they're going in life? Really sometimes the question is, are you going to follow your heart or your mind, as to what you think your next course of action should be? Great post, and ballad today.
Still have a link posted on my sidebar about the Cyber Launch Party:

MoziEsmé said...

Still askin' those questions of myself!

janemaritz at yahoo dot com

Shalonda said...

No need to enter me in the contest. I just wanted to comment on Sara's song choice.

I have always adored "Do You Know?". The lyrics are so amazing and beautiful. Definitely a song everyone can relate to at some point.

Anonymous said...

I think people of many ages could relate to this song.

I linked this on my sidebar. (


BrittLit said...

I like how Sara talked about life passing her by being consumed by boys and clothes and going out. I think everyone feels that way at some point in time, especially as a teenager.


Paradox said...

I've never heard of this song, but it sounds interesting, so I'll have to find it on Youtube.

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com