Monday, November 3, 2008

Politics, Purple Hair, and Total Prat(t)s

Tomorrow feels like the most important day of my life. It's bigger than graduations or book releases because it's not just about me, it's about the direction our country will take over the next four years. Tomorrow we decide if we will descend further into hell or if we will have new hope come January. Tomorrow I hope everyone gets out there and votes. I've been pretty outspoken about who I am voting for (Obama), but haven't had the time to participate at YA for Obama as much I would have liked. Today I blogged over there though and I would love it if you would go check it out, leave comments, etc. It's basically a blog about my political history in a nutshell (it's really really abbreviated, one of my shorter blogs for sure!) and why I'm truly excited about voting this time.

Today I went to get my hair done. My bangs are now purple instead of pink and I'm not so sure I like them as much because the pink was so much bolder, but I have to change it up every now and then. Next time I am going for blue and then I'm gonna have you guys vote for which is best (yeah, after this super serious election, we'll have a fun one, how does that sound). But for now, feel free to let me know what you think of me with purple hair (and please pardon my lack of makeup. I'm self-conscious about posting a picture where I'm not wearing any makeup but Mondays are my lazy days after I work two long nights in a row so this is just Monday me).

Every six weeks when I get my hair done, I "catch up on my scandals" as my hair stylist puts it (and I love that phrase as much as I love it when people refer to watching soap operas as "watching my stories"). In other words, while the dye is soaking into my hair (I haven't seen my natural hair color since age 14 and don't really intend to again because changing hair colors is as fun as getting tattoos), I read all the trashy celeb magazines. The salon used to have Star which was my personal favorite (though does anyone else remember that Star used to be in National Enquirer newspaper form and was even sleazier than NE?), but now they have Us Weekly which might be slightly more truthful. So I was flipping through, ready to get the lowdown on Madonna's impending divorce. When I came across this photo of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag that almost made scream and vomit at the same time:

Okay in case you can see all the details of this atrocity: Spencer is carrying a rifle and a 6 pack of Bud and his shirt says Palin for VP, God, Guns, Glory. Heidi Montag is apparently going shooting with her boyfriend/fiance/whatever the fuck in heels and short shorts while wearing a "Read My Lipstick: McCain/Palin" tank top and carrying a book that is called "You Can Profit From A Monetary Crisis." Don't believe me, check out Us.

First of all, I would like to say that I only know who "Speidi" (which is so appropriate of a disgusting celeb couple name because they make me want to scream as loud as when I see a spider) is because of my hair salon reading and when I had the dayjob and used to work out during my lunch break, The Hills was on in the gym and I used to let the total rage that filled me from watching the spoiled brats whine on that program and on My Super Sweet Sixteen get me so riled up that I'd have a seriously good workout.

I fucking hate bratty rich kids who are famous only because they are rich and someone made a reality program about them. It might be my biggest pet peeve about our culture. Seriously, I think Speidi, Paris Hilton, that Firecrotch douchebag, etc etc etc are the scourge of this earth. I'm not a violent person, but I really want to slap some sense into them and all the paps and network execs who decided to make them cool.

I think Heidi's book sums up the mentality of assholes like her and her peers and the whole culture surrounding them: Let's get rich off other's suffering. Seriously, "You Can Profit From A Monetary Crisis"????? How 'bout a book like "You're a rich bitch, how can you help others through this time of crisis"?

I'm sorry to get so riled up and swear so much, but this just freakin' enraged me beyond belief. And don't even get me started on "God, Guns, Glory." I'll just say that that pretty much sums up why I'm NOT voting McCain/Palin.

Read my chapstick, Obama/Biden! Please, please, please vote tomorrow and save us from a world of God, Guns, Glory, and rich brats who only care about themselves.

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