Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wedding Shower pics and a plea for creative suggestions

Yay, a wedding blog, like I promised! Though I also wrote a blog for MTV Books over here about what I loved about my teen years (ummm, next to nothing, until I examined it in retrospect), so please visit it and show me some love there too.

We got all kinds of wonderful goodies at our bridal shower last Sunday. New stuff to replace mismatched/old ghetto stuff like sheets, glasses, and silverware. Fun new appliances and cooking tools like an Iced Tea Maker (which has already been put to use), crock pot (never used one, imagine it will be quite useful for chili), and just arrived today because they were out of stock at the store, a coffee press (for Scott) and special pot to brew loose tea (for both of us, but mostly me). A pirate doormat, which you know I love. BFF Katie got us our wedding champagne. (I adore the Veuve Demi-Sec and can never find it, but she did!) Oh and there is much much more currently covering the dining room. The cats are quite excited by the chaos. I'm working on thank you cards whenever I have a free moment. (THANK YOU to everyone who was there who happens to be reading this!)

Another think I'm pondering in my spare time is the gifts I need to get other people, ie our bridal party, which consists of my best friend and Scott's sister as bridesmaids and my brother and Scott's best friend on his side, plus I'm including my dear friend Tai who will be our officiant. Geez and we should probably get our mothers gifts for all they've done, huh? Hmmm anyway. We don't want to go the usual flask or inscribed whatever route. We want creative. And I've already used up creative on all the other wedding details so.... SUGGESTIONS????
Okay, now back to the bridal shower.

Some details: our moms, Scott's sister Kelly and Scott's aunt Lenora did the bulk of the work on the shower and we are super, super grateful. Lenora hosted it at her house. A few people brought some delicious food. My mom makes the best black bean dip on earth. Kelly makes awesome sangria and crazy good vegan coconut cupcakes. My bff Katie put together this amazing organic fruit salad which I wish she would supply me with on a daily basis. And Scott's mom makes the best vegan pasta salad on earth and she went out of her way to order special sandwiches for me.

I don't have all the pics yet and Scott's cousin Eileena probably captured a bunch of great moments, so I will do a part two to this blog when I get them from her. But for now here are some cute shots. The posed photos with the moms, Kelly took. The action shots with the presents, my friend Amber took.

Oh and my dress is vintage. I bought it when I was in Seattle and my excuse for buying it when I already have a closet full of vintage dresses I don't wear enough was the shower. Really it could have been my wedding dress...

Now pics (Click to make bigger):

With Scott's mom
With my mom

Sangria is good.
Yes, we are ready for presents!
Scott was assigned the presents with ribbons in hopes that if he broke them that old wives tale of it equaling children being born wouldn't apply. Fortunately neither of us broke ribbons.
The biggest present! (A special pet hair vacuum, you need that with three cats!)
Kelly offers wrapping paper assistance, Moms look on
Bff Katie, official gift recorder and more guests
Jenny, Katie C and Amber decide to play with my camera photobooth style
Scott models our shower favors, reusable shopping bags. (We forgot to give these out to the end so if you missed yours, I have it for you!) Green was the theme. The invites Kelly picked out were plantable paper with wildflower seeds in it!
Lars likes it when Mom and Dad get presents, it means wrapping to play with!


Annika said...

I can't for the life of me remember what we gave our wedding party. No clue. I do know that we gave our parents nice picture frames to be used for their favorite of our wedding pictures.

Becca said...

How fun!!! Love the dress!!!!!!!!!!

As far as bridal party favors go... I knit my bridesmaids purses that went with their dresses, and Nick gave his guys razors. I think?

alissa mae said...

Now that is a PERFECT shower dress!!
I'll get back to you if I think of any ideas. We did little makeup bags that matched Brian's tie for the ladies and I think Brian picked out individual gifts for the dudes.

Thao said...

You look utterly cute. I love your dress :D

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Thanks for the compliments guys!

Annika I love the ideas of pic frames for the parents.

Becca, I wish I was as talented as you to knit things!

Alissa, make up bags might be a little girly for some of my girls. The personalities of everyone are so different we might ahve to do individual gifts. Ah!

shower favors said...

GREAT find on the dress! I wish you and the hubby the best of luck down the road.