Wednesday, October 19, 2016

New Newsletter, New Contest

Hi! I’ve been away for a while, too long probably. Away from social media. Away especially from the writing world (outside of the fabulous Rookie mag of course). But I am on my way back. There are things in the pipeline. Things I want my readers to know about. And I just miss you all and want to chat and do better at keeping in touch, so....
I am launching a newsletter!
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The first issue is due out on October 27th, just in time for my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN! I plan to send it out monthly for the rest of this year and then after that it will depend on my writing schedule, but quarterly at the very least.
It’s going to include my latest writing news (so you’ll be the first to know about what is going on with my books), sneak peeks of my work and into my writing process. I’ll also share my latest obsessions--whether that be books, bands, podcasts, TV shows or whatever other weirdness is going on in my brain. And of course there will also be.... CONTESTS!!! 
In fact, I’m going to kick it off with something Halloween appropriate! Everyone who signs up for the newsletter by October 26th, 2016 will be entered to win this, signed by me: 


You can get bonus entries by reblogging my Tumblr post about the contest, tweeting about the newsletter and contest (just be sure to tag me, @writerstephanie) or sharing one of my images about it (the one at the top of this entry or the two that follow this paragraph)/creating your own on Instagram (again, just tag me. On Instagram, I am @stephaniekuehnert)

Also, just a quick note to say that if you were signed up for my newsletter or street team before, you will need to sign up for this new one if you want to continue getting news. I’m using a new service so I can’t transfer things over.
Again, you can sign up for the newsletter here. I am really excited to share what’s going on with my writing and in my world with you, my fabulous readers!