Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VOTE!!!! (And be rewarded...)

Just a reminder to all my voting age readers who are US Citizens to go out and vote today. I went a little while ago. It was easy. It was empowering. I felt excited and patriotic for the first time in... well... possibly ever. Oh and if you go into Starbucks with your "I Voted!" sticker you get free coffee. I hardly ever drink coffee because of the insomnia thing and because I just like tea better. And I don't even really like Starbucks coffee. But I like being rewarded for voting and I need to stay up late to watch the results so I got my free coffee.

Rewarding people for voting seems like the right thing to do today, so leave a comment if you voted or if you are under 18, let me know how you encouraged people to vote, and I will choose one random commentor to win either a signed IWBYJR cover flat or I'll make you a mix CD of my favorite political tunes, your choice, seeing as today is all about choice after all. (And if you want music to vote by right now, check out Jeri-Smith Ready's blog!)

And no matter who you voted for you can still be included in the contest of course. I'm not partisan like that. But I think we all know who I voted for...


Anonymous said...

I voted! It was awesome.

Liviania said...

I didn't get my Starbucks coffee because the one closest to me wasn't doing the promotion and I had too much to do to walk to the farther one.

I voted on Halloween, making the day I first voted in a presidential election easy to remember.

Anonymous said...

I voted, and the most challenging part about it was that I did it with my daughter in a sling. She kept grabbing my pen and trying to chew on the side of the booth. I did pick up my free coffee after that but waited until I got home to drink it because you're not supposed to consume hot beverages while toting a baby around in a sling. Very sensible.

Anyway, I already have a most cherished signed copy of your book, but I'd love a mix CD, should I win.