Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween photos!

Last night was the best Halloween I've had in awhile. Fun costumes. Good friends. Drunkenness. Can't really beat it. I'm sad that Halloween is only one day. It should be a week! Maybe even the entire month of October. Anyway here are some photos from last night.

My zombie boyfriend:
Zombie couple:
Zombie dinner (we were the only ones in the restaurant with costumes, lol!):

Zombies need to text too:
Eating Kathy's brains:
Kathy was supposed to be a vampire but her costume didn't come in time. I had a fake blood capsule though so she could at least get bloody. She was excited. We went to the bathroom to use it and made friends with strangers who had more fake blood capsules for us to play with:
Kathy all bloodied up:
Zombie couple with special effects (ie. the cool lighting in the balcony of Reggies):
And without:
Kathy and Joe:
You know you had a good time when the table is filled with empty beer cans and an empty bottle of fake blood (note: the plastic cup is mine, I don't drink beer):
Zombie with laser eyes?????:
Scott was a good zombie who didn't drink and drive. Since I don't drive, I was pretty drunk by the end of the night as seen in this self portrait on the way home.... errr, well actually we went to the Beacon....
Good times.

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Anonymous said...

You guys looked awesome!