Tuesday, September 9, 2008

IWBYJR nominated for Best Book of 2008 by Venus Zine!!!

I got the most thrilling news yesterday! Venus Zine, one of my all time favorite magazines released their nominations for the 2008 Hottt List and I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE has been nominated for Best Book of 2008!!! My little book about a punk rock girl is up there with books by the likes of David Sedaris, Chelsea Handler, Michael Chabon, and Curits Sittenfield among others! I'm so totally honored to be on this list though I have my doubts about actually winning because um, those guys are all bestsellers and I'm totally not. But hopefully a lot of people will want to root for the underdog and will vote for IWBYJR. If it does manage to win, it will be featured in the Winter Issue of Venus, which is just huge for me! So if you wanna help the cause, go here to vote for IWBYJR: https://www.venuszine.com/articles/you/readers/4246/Hottt_List_2008_Ballot

Man, that is kinda weird asking people to vote for me. I never ran for anything in my life! Since I feel a little bit awkward about blogging totally to self promote, I'm going to do a meme I got from the fabulous Tara Kelly's blog.

The 20 questions meme:

A) People who are tagged must answer on their blogs and replace any horrid question with questions of their own design.

B) Tag 8 people to do this quiz. These people must state who they were tagged by & cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. How many songs are on your iPod?

2. Last book I really enjoyed?
Beige by Cecil Castellucci. It's on the best books of all time list. I love a lot of books, but this one really does get top honors

3. What magazines do you have subscriptions to? Bleh. New question: Do you have a secret you'd like to share? No secrets. New question: Are you going to any concerts soon?
I just got tickets for Rise Against last night when I realized that because my work schedule had changed I could go to a show on Thursday night. I've never seen them live so I am sooooooooo psyched.

4. What is your favorite scent?
Rain, my boy, orchids, my garden

5. If you had a million dollars that you could only spend on yourself, what would you do with it?
I'd pay off my debts, maybe upgrade to house with a backyard and then invest what was left so I don't have to work and can write full-time. that would be the best gift I could give myself.

6. What is your theme song?
My theme song depends on the moment, but one of them is I Am A Revenant by the Distillers just because it is about surviving your worst moments and drawing strength from them and that pretty much sums up my past.

7. Do you trust easily?

8. Do you generally think before you act, or act before you think?
A bit of both. I tend to be an overthinker which can be horrible at times, but when I act before I think, I tend to regret things. I need to learn how to think without over thinking.

9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days? No negativity! New question: What are you most looking forward to right now?
Civet's album Hell Hath No Fury, which came out today. I'm waiting for my record store to get it in, but I'm dying I've been wanting to listen to this for like 5 months now.

10. Do you have a good body image?
I try to. I still beat myself up over certain things though and I'm trying to get over that. It's really a matter of having the right fitness routine. When I had that a year or so ago, I was happier with myself than I'd ever been.

11. Is being tagged fun? New question: What's one thing you love to do that you really suck at?
Play guitar. *Huge sigh*

12. What websites do you visit daily?
Google, Gmail, MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, LiveJournal

13. What have you been seriously addicted to lately?
Popcorn. I think the thing I missed most about working at the Beacon was that I have an endless supply of fresh-popped popcorn when I'm working. I eat at least two baskets per shift.

14. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

Tara is a kick ass girl, a talented writer and musician, and just the kind of girl I want to hang out with all the time, but we live across the country from each other so LiveJournal friends it is.

15. What's the last song that got stuck in your head?
Son of a Bitch by Civet

16. What's your favorite item of [clothing]jewelry?
I have two very special rings that I wear everyday. One is the promise ring Scott gave me. The other I wear on a chain, it was my friend Marcel's ring. When his family found out how much it meant to me, they insisted that I be the one to keep it. It was one of the best gifts I have ever been given.

17. Do you think Rice Crispies are yummy?
I like them in Rice Crispie treats when they are made vegan.

18. What would you do if you saw $100 lying on the ground?
Take my boyfriend out to dinner.

19. What [item] could you not go without during the day?
My Blackberry. Yeah it is crack.

20. What should you be doing right now?
Writing. Gonna go do that now.

As for tagging, I'm not much with the tagging. Whoever is looking for something fun to do, should play.