Thursday, May 29, 2008

Contests Galore to Win I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone!

You now have lots of opportunities to win all sorts of fabulous IWBYJR stuff:

Melissa Marr is hostessing a contest on her Live Journal where you “suggest three songs that have that grrrl power to get your attitude dialed up to screaming.(Links are encouraged so we can hear them.) The 6 that make Stephanie sigh the most will get a signed copy of I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone.” To do this you either email me your three songs or better yet, leave them as a comment on Melissa’s blog entry so everyone gets exposed to new music. That contest ends June 6. Ooh, I pick 6 winners on 6/6. 666=satan=devil horn’s hand gesture=total rock ‘n’ roll. I like this. Wonder if Melissa planned it that way…

Anyway, so 6 people could win big in that contest. Then I am still running my contest until June 13th (I changed it cause Friday the 13th is my lucky day and also to give one week after Melissa’s contest ends). My contest involves plastering the web and you can read all the details here: There will be 7 lucky winners in that contest. 5 runners-up will receive signed cover flats. (Basically that's exactly what it sounds like, the cover, front and back, but all flattened out and ready for you to hang on your wall.) Second Place> gets a signed cover flat and a gift certificate to DownloadPunk (my fave place to download MP3s). The Grand Prize is a signed cover flat and a signed early copy of IWBYJR. Here are some more hints of things you can do as entries. You can post bulletins and tell people about both of these IWBYJR contests. You can put it on your GoodReads or Shelfari to-read shelves (or if you have already read it, you can review it these places or other places online).

Yep lots of ways to win over the next couple weeks, so I hope you’ll enter!

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Heather said...

Can I still enter? Just to get the cover flat? Since, you know, I already one the first contest (LOVE THAT BOOK)? I hope so, because I have this weird fascination with the covers of books and IWBYJR has a great cover.