Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's no April Fools: Contest Winners!

Because everyone who participated in my most recent contest on my website did such an awesome job, I want to make them feel like queens for the day and publicly announce the winners even though I've already emailed them. I swear it is no April Fool's joke!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated by spreading the word about I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE over the past two months. All together you guys got the word out in over 175 ways and that's just the people who entered, I know there's been some other people out there posting banners and stuff, who didn't send me contest entries. You guys seriously rock!

But without further adieu, my 7 runners up, all of whom will get awesome IWBJYR swag packs with guitar pics and bookmarks and a couple other things thrown in for good measure are:



My second place winner, who entered a whopping 26 times, is Madelynn. Madelynn will receive a signed literary magazine containing a story by me, the IWBYJR swag pack and a mag and a newspaper with early interviews with me.

My grand prize winner is Heather! Heather got the word out about IWBYJR in 53 places! How incredible is that! She wins the signed ARC of IWBYJR, along with swag and a 20$ gift certificate to DownloadPunk.

I'll have a new contest coming soon and since this contest was so popular and helpful to me in getting the word out about the book, I've decided I will run a similar contest in May/June and the prize will be a signed, early finished copy (meaning it will be the copy you will be able to eventually buy in stores, not an ARC) of IWBYJR, so if you didn't win the book this time around you will have another chance soon! And whoever entered this time around has a leg-up on the competition because I've kept track of your entries and will count them toward the next contest (except for you, Heather, since you already won a book, you'll be disqualified from the next contest, at least for the main prize, you are welcome to be in drawing for the smaller prize). I'll let you know when the new contest begins!

In the meantime, thanks again to everyone and I hope those who won enjoy their prizes!

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