Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Girlfriend Cyber Circuit Presents: Sara Hantz!

I'm excited to have Sara Hantz on the blog today as part of her Girlfriend Cyber Circuit tour talking about her book THE SECOND VIRGINITY OF SUZY GREEN. This is especially timely for me because it's one of the books I'm taking with me on my trip to Florida this weekend. Doesn't this sound like perfect beach and plane reading! Here's what the book is all about:

Suzy Green used to be one of the coolest nonconformist “almost-Goth” party girls in Australia. That was before her older sister Rosie died and her family moved to a new town. Not even her best friend would recognize her now. Gone are the Doc Martens and the attitude. All she wants is to be like Rosie—perfect. The new Suzy Green makes straight As, hangs with the in-crowd at her new school, and dates the hottest guy around. And since all her new friends belong to a virginity club, she joins, too. So what if she’s not technically qualified? Nobody in town knows . . . until Ryan, Suzy’s ex, turns up.
As the past and present collide, Suzy struggles to find her own place in a world without her sister.

You can read an excerpt on www.sarahantz.com and check out Sara’s blog on www.sarahantz.com/blog, but today check out my Q&A with her:

Please list five songs that would be on the soundtrack to your book and explain how they relate to your story or characters.

Sara: Back to Black – Amy Winehouse - it relates to how Suzy felt when her old life collapsed around her
You Give Me Something – James Morrison – it relates to how Ryan feels about Suzy.
Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol – it relates to the relationship Suzy and Ryan had once, and how it’s going to be in the future.
Slim Shady – Eminem – it relates to how Suzy is trying to be someone she isn’t.
Missundaztood – Pink – it relates to how confused Suzy got.

Name some of your main character's favorite musicians or bands.

Sara: Chris Brown, Alana Morrisette, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Who are some of your favorite musicians or bands?

Sara: Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Leona Lewis, Pink.

Even though music plays in so heavily into my storytelling, I rarely can actually listen to it while I'm writing. Can you? How does music fit into your writing process?

Sara: I have to have music on when I’m writing. Actually, I have the radio on because I like the mix of music and voices.

While music is my muse, I know other writers find their muse in theater, sports, art, the great outdoors, etc. What is your main muse?

Sara: Music for me too!

I'm really looking forward to this book. And I know it's been out for a little while, so if you've read it or if it's on your to-read list, please discuss!


Amy Addison said...

I'm still waiting for my copy. Thanks for posting the interview!

Amanda Ashby said...

Great interview! I'm one of Sara's cps so I'm a bit biased, but Suzy is such a great book. You're going to love it!!!

keri mikulski :) said...

Great interview! This is on my TBR. :)

Lucy said...

I've read it and loved it. :)