Friday, April 23, 2010

Upcoming Chicago events, BEA & ALA

First of all, happy thirtieth birthday to my beloved husband today :)

I've got a couple of unique Chicago events coming up next week.

On Monday 4/26, I'll be part of the You Me Them Everybody talk show/podcast, which I imagine will be online/iTunes eventually and I will post a link at that point. But you can see it live at The Hungry Brain, 2319 W. Belmont in Chicago, doors at 8 pm, show at 9 pm. 21+. I honestly have no idea what this will be like so, umm, should be interesting?

Then I'm reading at Stories at the Store on Wednesday 4/28. The Store is at 2002 N. Halsted and the event starts at 8 pm. I'm planning to read new stuff... most likely... if I can get the courage up to do so and a scene revised in time. I'm guessing since The Store is a bar that this one is 21+ too.

And if you are an early riser (which I totally am not so this should be interesting), I will be interviewed live at 8 am (good god) on Rick Kogan's Sunday Papers radio program on WGN 720 on Sunday May 2nd. Again, this will eventually be online and I will post a link then.

I also am finalizing plans to go to BEA in New York at the end of May and ALA in D.C. at the end of June. I've been invited to be on a panel at BEA, but don't have confirmation or details on that yet, so I'll post info when I get it. I will definitely be at the Teen Author Carnival on Monday May 24 from 5 to 8 pm. That will take place at Jefferson Market Branch, 425 Avenue of the Americas, in Manhattan.

Then on Wednesday May 26, I'll be at Books of Wonder, 18 West 18th Street, from 6 to 8 pm with my fellow Teen Fiction Cafe sisters Linda Gerber, Erica Orloff, and Melissa Walker.

Lastly, I just booked my flight to D.C. for ALA and I'll be at the YA Coffee Klatch again this year there. I'll let you know if there are other events in D.C. aside from me going to see Hole with Jeri Smith-Ready...

I'm able to go to BEA and ALA this year because I got my very first grant from the Illinois Arts Council, which is highly exciting... of course the grant came with a disclaimer noting that the state of Illinois has been very slow at "paying it's obligations" including grants, so most likely I won't receive my funding until after my grant period is up. Sigh, good thing I have some savings and I just hope they really do pay me eventually!

Anyway, hope to see some of my Chicago people next week and can't wait to see NYC friends and fans in a month! Have a great weekend!

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Alice Van-Weed said...

ill keep my comment really brief...and i only have one word for it "NICE"