Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend excitement, good tunes, and favors to ask

Weekend Excitement
Tonight I am attempting to go to two events and be home by midnight, goddess help me. Today is Kelly's birthday (happy birthday, Kelly!) so there is a birthday shindig and then one of my favorite authors in the world (and he's a good drinking buddy too) John McNally is in town. He's reading at this super sweet event called the Windy City Story Slam tonight at Chinaski's in Chicago (1935 N. Damen for anyone else who wants to go). He's also reading tomorrow at the Tamale Hut Cafe (8300 W. Cermak in North Riverside), but of course I have to work. I'm trying to convince him to come drink at the Beacon afterwards though. (Hint hint: this means if you come to the Beacon you could hang out with more than one author, woo hoo! So come to the Beacon, dammit! I need more good business and less weirdos who cause fights!)

Then Sunday I am going to the first of two tours of my local cemetery. Why? Well, not just because it's Halloween season and I'm spooky like that. Forest Home Cemetery which is right in my neighborhood is actually a very historic cemetery. There is a tribute to the Haymarket Marytrs there and Emma Goldman and other anarchists are buried in Dissenter's Row. Then there's Adolph Luetgert the Sausage King of Chicago who supposedly turned his wife into sausage ala Sweeney Todd and female serial killer Belle Gunness, though those may or may not be her remains depending on if she faked her death! See all kinds of cool history to learn about and turn into fodder for novels and newspaper columns. I think this weekend's tour is going to be the straight up historical stuff and next weekend will be the fun tour with costumed reenactments and stuff. Yeah, I'm a nerd. A spooky nerd who loves that there are more dead people than living folks in her town.

Good Tunes
Today I picked up the new Rise Against album (at my local record store because A. I like to support local businesses over iTunes and B. I like to have the physical cd with the liner notes, etc to look at even though I'm just gonna put it on my iPod) and I am enjoying it immensely. It seems to have the perfect balance of political songs and songs about being the heartbroken, kinda messed up misfit kid. When I was a teenager I'd get kinda pissy when my favorite bands got popular, but now I'm thrilled. I like it when talented people with smart things to say get a larger audience because I hope it makes people think. Now I just want to hear Civet on the radio...

Speaking of good tunes, you can learn all about my favorite songs in this awesome interview that Harmony did with me. It's another really cool creative interview and you should all check it out because Harmony is awesome. She didn't ask me for a political song and if she had I might have chosen a Propagandhi song like "Apparently I'm a PC Fascist", but now I might have to pick Collapse (Post-Amerika) by Rise Against...

So if you are bored this weekend and an I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE fan, I'd like to ask you to do me a couple favors...

1. As you may have read, I am doing a fictional Women Who Rock Wednesday interview next week in honor of Teen Read Week. I am interview my own characters, Emily Black and Regan Parker of the band She Laughs. But I need interview questions!!! So if there is anything at all you were curious about maybe backstory, maybe what happens next (because remember we are now almost 9 years past when the book ended!), maybe basic things like do Emily and Regan have tattoos or just pretend you are from Rolling Stone and you have the opportunity to interview one of your favorite bands. ANYTHING! Just get them into me (either via comment or emailed to stephanie at stephaniekuehnert dot com) by the end of the day on Sunday and I'll choose about ten of them and interview the girls, okay?

2. We are nearing the end of the voting for Venus Zine's Hottt List. I am still hopefully that maybe just maybe with your help that my little punk rock book can beat those bestseller heavyweights like David Sedaris, so please, go vote for IWBYJR here!

Okay, have a fabulous weekend!

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