Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tour Diary Part 2: Rock 'n' Read and link catch-up!

As promised, today I have blogged about ROCK 'N' READ! Go to the MTV Books Blog to hear all about it!!!!

Also I figured since this is the shortest of all my blog entries, I better play link catch-up and point you to a few interesting articles and such about me and the book that were posted while I was out of town.

Most huge was this amazing article by Julia Keller in the Chicago Tribune a week ago. I can't tell you how much I admire Julia and her column and was so privileged to be included in it. Also you can't see it in this, but they put a big picture of Courtney Love with the article which was pretty cool. Then even more hilarious, someone at Columbia (Nicole??? Mike???) sent me a scan of the article with my face imposed over Courtney's so I look like a rock star. But yeah, photo of one of my idols and article written by one of my idols. Pretty freakin' cool.

There is this article from UIC News. I work at UIC in the College of Nursing, so it has a completely different angle on me and best of all an awesome picture of my Rose of No Man's Land tattoo, which is my nurse tattoo in tribute to my mother.

Then my hometown paper the Oak Leaves did an article, which is great and tells you a little bit about my rebellious high school days (though it made me self conscious of how much I say "like" and "totally," which is like totally way too often.)

And I really won't be listing a ton of reviews on here anymore because it just seems self-indulgent (and redundant cause I list them on my website. At least I will when I update that thing later this week...), but this review in the Racket is probably the most freakin' hilarious one yet. It's got a couple spoilers, so maybe don't read it if you haven't read the book, but it is really funny and my favorite line which I think I should put in my little quotes section on my site is: "This book could be any real band’s Behind the Music, but Kuehnert creates some realistic characters that drag you down past reading it on the shitter. Congrats, Steph, you got me to read a whole fucking book for once. Solid writing, Ms. Lady." You think I can get MTV Books to put that on my "Praise for her previous novel" thingy for Ballads? I think they should.

Okay, that is everything save for a few reviews which will go up on my site in a few days should you wish to catch up with them!

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