Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rock Star Fantasies

I not-so secretly wish I was a rock star. I can't really sing or play anything though so instead I hope to become a literary rock star. This manifested itself in my dreams the other night. I dreamt that in advance of my book coming out that MTV Books decided to put out a limited edition seven inch of my reading two chapters from my book. It was released on black, mint green, and periwinkle vinyl. The sleeve looked like a photocopy, like the super underground punk seven inches I bought back in the day. It had a picture of angry looking me speaking into a microphone. It was so awesome. I even went to the plant where the seven inches were made. I held them in my hand and thought this might even be cooler than holding my book... Well just as cool at least. Then I woke up. I was so pissed that it was just a dream. It seemed like such a cool promo idea that I groggily tried to think of a way to pitch it to my editor, but when I fully awakened I knew it would never fly. But maybe it was a little bit psychic because when I got home in the evening I found that the IWBYJR guitar picks that I'd ordered had arrived! Not a seven inch, but still a damn sweet promo item. Check em out. The IWBYJR logo is the front and is the back. And you can win some in my latest contest! PS. Thanks to my good friend Elise Coleman for designing the picks!


Melissa Walker said...

These picks are AMAZING.

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Thank you, I am so excited!!