Thursday, March 25, 2010

For Maukin

Yesterday my dear friend and former roommate Tai had to put her sweet son Maukin to sleep. He was suffering from kidney disease as many older cats do. When Tai moved in with me in August of 2005, Maukin and his buddy (or really more like tormentor) Kaspar came to live me and my cat, Sid. In 2007 we added Lars to the brood. That spring, Tai moved out west and Maukin went with her, but Kaspar stayed behind because he got along better with Sid and Lars than Maukin. In fact everyone beat up on poor Maukin, though sometimes little kitten Lars stepped up in his defense.

He was truly one of the sweetest cats I've ever known. He had a great big demanding meow, especially when hungry. Some of the softest, most unique fur (it was curly because he was part-Cornish Rex). And he enjoyed the simple things... like licking butter and watching the leaves blow outside... even through blurry security glass that we weren't sure how he could see clearly through.

I missed him once he moved west (though he probably didn't miss my mean cats much and probably forgot about me once I was no longer a food provider) and it breaks my heart that I wasn't able to say goodbye and especially that I couldn't be there for Tai, his mom, when she had to let go. Here are some photos of his adorableness:

One of his favorite places to sleep:

With Sid (left) and Kaspar (right)
Taking full advantage of a sunbeam:
With his little kitten friend, Lars:
A rare moment of peace with his brothers:

We'll miss you Maukin and we love you very much!

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