Friday, March 27, 2009

Page Proofs for Ballad of Suburbia have arrived!

It was a banner day for UPS deliveries here. I got three packages: my new shoes (I'm addicted to these shoes from Rocket Dog, they are so comfy, the only shoes I can stay in my feet in all night while bartending and great for all the walking I do too, but I wear 'em out fast!), a birthday present for my friend Polly's daughter (it's late but I'm delivering it in person and she's two so I don't think it will bother her. I got books of course, my fave gift for kids or anyone really), and best of all, a package from my editor at MTV Books!!!!! It included an ARC of Shrinking Violet by Danielle Joseph, which I'm looking forward to reading when I'm on vacation in a little over a week and my page proofs for BALLADS!!!!!!!

I still get giddy over each stage of publishing. Obviously I think the best parts are getting the offer and holding the finished book in your hand, but I even enjoy revisions and copyedits and page proofs are a really exciting point too because it is the first time you get to see the way your manuscript is going to look laid out on the page. And I have to say BALLADS looks gorgeous:

(Click to enlarge)

There are two slightly different fonts in the book because there is the regular straight narrative and then certain characters tell their "ballad," which is like a little vignette about the most life-altering moment in their lives. I love how they have Ballads of Suburbia in the background of the first page of the "ballads" as you can see with the page to the far right.

Yeah, it just looks awesome. I can't wait for it to be in real book form, which I will get to see the the ARCs next. Those should be coming pretty soon and don't forget that I have a contest to win one going on through March 31. Read about it and enter here!

But for now I have to carefully go through this pages proofs. This is my last chance to make any changes (though I can only make really small ones) and catch any errors. I want this book to be perfect so I'm going to be completely absorbed in it all weekend. What about you? Any fun weekend plans?

ETA: Since I was asked, the book is 344 pages long, (4 pages longer than IWBYJR, though the font must be smaller because it's actually like 8 to 10K words longer than IWBYJR.) There is also a special authors note at the back and a reading group guide that includes discussion points for book clubs and also an interview with me about the book :)


cupcakewitch said...

I'm sooo psyched for ballads!

shelburns said...

What an exciting day!

Authorness said...

Yay, Steph! I love watching the evolution of Ballads. So excited for you.

~ Vanessa

Thao said...

Look so great. I'm already excited about Ballads now. I hope everything is gon be perfect : )

Heather said...

Ohhh! I can only imagine how exciting it must be to receive proofs in the mail! *dreams*

Georgina said...

Hi, just letting you know that Heather ( told me to vote for Tipping Points at
and I did! So yeah.. just letting you know that. Tipping Points deserved the vote. :)

katie said...

I have those shoes too! And I can't wait for Ballads of Suburbia.