Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catching Up and Women Who Rock Weds: TV Characters

Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately. The sick kitty thing last week really threw me off. I spent Thursday and Friday crying and begging Sid to eat and take his medicine. It was pretty upsetting. He's like my child. I've had him since I was 16. When something is wrong with him it causes nervous breakdowns. But now he is back to eating and all three cats are taking medicine (which is total hell I must say. Scott and I have to double-team them and it still ends badly sometimes like last night when Sid's medicine ended up in his eye instead of his mouth...) because I don't want them to end up catching the parasite Sid has and then giving it back to him. Ugh hopefully this whole nasty affair will be over by Sunday and things will go back to normal in the Kuehnert/Lewis household.

I did show off the cover for BALLADS OF SUBURBIA at the MTV Books blog last Friday. In case you missed it, here it is and read my thoughts on it here.

In my craziness I wasn't able to line up a Women Who Rocks for today, though next week I am hoping to have Jocelyn Pearce, you some of you may know from her essay in Red: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today and others no doubt know her from her blog Teen Book Review. So this week, I thought we'd do something a little different for WWRW, let's talk about female characters on TV shows that we think totally kick ass and are empowering. I bring this up because I just got hooked on Veronica Mars and I think Veronica is one of the coolest girls on TV ever. She's smart, she's confident in who she is and isn't a follower, and she's a bad ass girl detective. I would also add Scully from the X Files to that list along with Spike from the original Degrassi Jr High and High School series. Her daughter Emma on Degrassi the Next Generation is pretty kick ass too. She reminds me a little of Lisa Simpson, who I think is a great cartoon Woman Who Rocks. So comment and let me know which women and girls on TV shows past and present you think rock and why. The ladies I chose are all smart and not afraid to be themselves which I think are two of the most important characteristics of a woman who rocks. Since I don't have a guest, as a prize I will be offering up my 2-disc Women Who Rock mix CD. So comment away.

Of course, I do have a prize to give away from last week. The winner of GOING TOO FAR by the fabulous Jennifer Echols is Nora from blogger! Nora, please send your mailing address to stephanie at stephaniekuehnert dot com so Jenn can send your prize!

Last but not least in this somewhat random, babbling blog, I wrote a column about the Forest Park Community Garden here. I am all about gardening and community efforts to create green space so please check it out if you are too.


Liviania said...

Good luck with your kitty. My dog of fourteen years died last year.

Also, that duck scares the crap out of me. What kid would play on it?

Agent Sarah Walker in Chuck is definitely a woman who rocks. She's got great physical and emotional strength.

Heroes killed off two female characters this week . . . a lot more of the females die than the men. But Mrs. Bennet rocks. She may not have powers but she has brains and determination.

The other show I watch is Dollhouse. Despite having a lot of woman characters, I would only say Dr. Claire Sanders is a potential role model. She seems to have a conscience (as well as brains). Plus, she gets most of the best lines.

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Sorry about your dog, Liviania :(

And yeah the duck is creepy, which is what makes it perfect. Ominous. I want the book to feel that way :)

I've never seen any of those shows, I will have to check them out!