Monday, August 18, 2008

Rejected IWBYJR covers, interviews, and contests galore!

I just want to thank everyone who left me comments on my last blog about taking the big leap and quitting the office job. Your support and encouragement means the world to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! And I’ll keep you updated on how the transition goes.

You have all seen how I’ve hosted visitors from the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit, well this week it’s my turn to visit the Girlfriends on their blogs! I spent the last few days answering all of their questions (so I’m behind on correspondence again and if you haven’t heard from me, I apologize!). They asked some very cool questions, so I’ll be posting links to those blogs throughout the week as I get them. Visit if you can because you’ll learn some fun and exciting things about me and IWBYJR and you’ll be introduced to some other cool author blogs!

One GCC blog you guys will want to visit for sure is Melissa Walker’s. Melissa asked me all about the cover of IWBYJR and I shared the images that I saw in my head when envisioning a cover (the cover they came up with is way cooler) and also the rejected IWBYJR covers that I’d never seen until a couple weeks ago. I’ve been bursting to share these with you guys, but decided I should give Melissa the scoop. So head over to her blog or myspace to see those rejected IWBYJR covers. Leave a comment about which you like best and you’ll be eligible to win a signed IWBYJR cover flat!

Other GCC interviews posted today include the one on Wendy Toliver’s myspace where she makes me decide between Twizzlers and Red Vines among other things. On Karin Gillespie’s blog, I’m discussing my influences, aspirations, and those tough bad reviews. On Alyson Noel’s blog, we discuss my workspace and the places and people I’d like to go back in time to see.

I’d some non-GCC interviews this week and last that you should also check out if you get a chance. I visited Rock ‘n’ Roll Mama and we talked about well, the rock ‘n’ roll mama angle of IWBYJR, which I haven’t really explored in other interviews so that was very cool. And today I visited Mode a la Pie and try (not very successfully) in envision a She Laughs video.

Can you envision a She Laughs video? If so please describe it. Or maybe a She Laughs album cover or t-shirt. This might be part of my next contest, hmmm… But right now the Tour Contest is still going on!!! Please, please, please enter it! And the Women Who Rock Wednesday Contest is still going on, too. If you go back two blog entries, you can read about Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna and her fabulous book Cherry Bomb and enter to win it!

Last, but not least, I want to remind my Chicago readers to come check out my event at Quimby’s tomorrow night at 7 pm. I’ve done a ton of interviews, but I’m sure some of you still have unanswered questions, so come ask them!!!

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