Friday, June 10, 2011

Warning: This Post May Leave You Humming For Days

It's been kind of a stressful week so I felt a lighthearted blog post was in order.

On Monday, which oddly enough was the best day of my week, a friend from high school posted on facebook that she had this song stuck in her head:

Take The Skinheads Bowling - MyVideo

Even though she said that it had been in her head for a week and was getting rather annoying, I got super excited because I'd completely forgotten about Camper Van Beethoven and this song, which has always made me happy.

But um, now it is has been in my head for a week. It probably didn't help that I picked up a shift at the bar on Monday night and it was super slow, so one of my three friends/customers who was there decided beer bottle bowling was in order... utilizing an exercise ball (I don't even want to explain how we got an exercise ball at the bar) as a bowling ball. I tried to take pictures but it was too dark for my phone, so you'll just have to trust that it was a seriously hilarious experience. However, my friend Mark who was there has recently shaved his head...

*Hums "Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling!"*

So I went to bed that night with the song in my head. Fortunately I was able to sleep. That's the worst when you can't sleep or your sick or something and you have a song in your head. Pure torture. At least for me. (And now for one of the characters in my bartender book as I stole from myself for her. She hears Morrissey singing both times she's in labor.)

The song has remained in my head all week and like my friend said, it's definitely getting annoying. At one point I tried to tell myself that at least it wasn't that Proclaimers song from Benny and Joon.

Did you click on that? I'm sorry. If it makes you feel any better just *thinking* about that song caused it to take over from Camper Van Beethoven for a few maddening hours. That song was in my head for like 2 weeks once and it was a very miserable time. So I tried to think of another catchy tune to get it out and I settled on this:

Oh, Punk Rock Girl. I kind of wanted to name I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE after that song, but since MTV Books already had a book called, GRAFFITI GIRL (a really freakin' awesome book by the way), my editor told me that unfortunately it was out, but we still bonded over a mutual love for the Dead Milkmen.

Anyway "Punk Rock Girl" is another one that will stick in your brain... Though in my case, I'm back to those bowling skinheads because last night at the bar it was slow at the very end and we broke out the exercise ball to bowl down some empty beer bottles again. Even though my shaved-head friend was not present, the mere mention of bowling brought it back.

So let's see if you can get a different song to infiltrate whatever part of the brain that music gets stuck in for the weekend. Preferably one with an awesome 80s/early 90s music video because that makes the torture worth it. (Except in the case of that Proclaimers song. Even seeing adorable Johnny Depp as Benny does NOT make it worth it. I'm really sorry about that one.) What song or songs have taken up a long residence in your head?


Liam said...


Her actual youtube is

marina said...

MILKMEN!!!! They're one of my favorite bands ever. I love them so and oddly enough the only cd I ever listen to is the first one me and my sister ever got which is Death Rides A Pale Cow (a compolation). They're just fantastic though. [= My favorite band is at a three way tie between them, the Distillers, and the Casualties because they're all super awesome.
Also, I would walk 500 miles....