Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Women Who Rock Wednesday: JK Rowling (& my nerdy Harry Potter reading plans)

I'm working to bring back interviews and such for Women Who Rock Wednesday, but today I just wanted to give a shout-out to one of my all-time writing heroines, Ms. JK Rowling, who is pictured on the left here with Emma Watson:

JK Rowling is a total rock star when it comes to storytelling. I don't think I could ever create such an intricately built world and write about a group of characters so solidly through seven books. She just amazes me. Plus that whole story of her writing it as a single mom in a coffee shop. Heroine. Plain and simple. But one of the reason I love her stories so much and the reason I chose of picture of her with Emma, who of course plays Hermione in the movies is because she writes smart girl characters. I wish that the Harry Potter books had been around when I was in third/fourth/fifth grade and being put down by the popular crowd because I liked to learn and used my brain. I also had bushy brown hair that I could do nothing with for years, too. Hermione is one of the best role models out there for young girls in my opinion. She's smart and proud of it. She never tries to dumb herself down for a guy. She's strong, not a doormat, and she's not apologetic for it. She is indispensable to Harry and Ron because she is who she is. And then Rowling also gives us characters like Ginny and Mrs. Weasley, and my mom's favorite, Professor McGongagall, who are all strong, smart, caring women.

So thanks, JK Rowling, for writing one of my all-time favorite series and giving us some seriously kick-ass girls in it.

And now for my nerdy confession. As you know the final Harry Potter movie comes out in July (right around my birthday, squee!!! What an awesome present!), so I'm gearing up. When the Harry Potter books first came out I was able to read them in a couple days because I worked this wonderful job (seriously, best job ever) where I just answered phones and made photocopies at the Fiction Writing Department where I went to college, so I spent most of my time sitting around and reading. Now unfortunately it takes me a long time to read a book (plus I'd like to read other books while I'm doing this), so I am planning to re-read the Harry Potter books in order, one every two weeks, up until the movie comes out. I will watch the movie after reading each book.

Is anybody else doing any re-reading or other nerdy Harry Potter activities to celebrate the last movie? I need to know who I can geek out with!


Bee said...

You and I should be twins.

J.K. Rowling is totally my inspi-hero. I ADORE HER.

Hermione's always been a favourite character. But I have to say, I loved Luna best. Ridiculed, but never afraid of being who she is. Never a pretender.

And I had bushy hair too. Except it was black.

And I'm a July-girl too! This will be a blast!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

We are twins! Yay for July girls! And how could I forget Luna!!! See why I need to reread, she is another one I love and adore for being totally herself. Her crazy earrings and such remind me of myself in grade school!