Friday, August 27, 2010

Photo Friday: READ Posters!

When I do my Women Who Rock Wednesday feature on my blog (and I will have one with Lucienne Diver next week so look out for it!), I always ask what that rockin' woman's biggest rock star moment was. Well, I may have finally had my own.

A few weeks ago my local library in Forest Park, IL asked if I would come in to do a READ poster for them. You may have seen these posters around with actors and musicians, you know *real* celebrities, and umm THE FREAKIN' PRESIDENT!

And my library wanted me to pose for one. It felt like I had truly arrived!

So I went in and got to pick out my background and font. I thought a brick wall kinda went well with the books I write and I chose a font that was close to the cover of BALLADS OF SUBURBIA and had the colors of I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE, the best of both worlds.

Then the Youth Services librarian had me pose against a green screen with my book. This week she sent me the images, which are super cool.

Personally I like the forward-facing one best and have immediately made it my profile pic for Facebook and Twitter.

These are going to be made into both poster and bookmarks that will be at my library! I definitely feel like a rock star now and hopefully I can get my hands on some copies of the posters and bookmarks when they are made and will do a contest for them here.


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Veronica said...

Those are super cool, Stephanie! I remember going to the library when I was young and seeing the Read posters (I even remember that Oprah was holding "Their Eyes Were Watching God"). So I think having your own poster truly is a sign of having made it to the top. Congratulations!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Thanks guys!