Monday, November 9, 2009

Memories of Hairstyles Past, Planning for Hairstyles Future

I'm constantly changing my hair. Ever since I was 15 and put this blond streak in my hair:

The purpose of it was be able to change the color of it whenever I wanted, which I did sometimes (including one time I used markers to color it like a rainbow), but mostly I left it blond. Then I got bored and cut my hair short and bleached it all blond. Usually I let my roots show:

Less than a year later I decided I wanted bangs and a black bob like Uma Thurman had in Pulp Fiction:

I had my hair black for the longest time mostly because it was convenient (and I was goth). I was away at college for a year and then living in Madison, partying for a couple of years. Black dye was cheap to buy (only 6 bucks!) and instead of going to a hairstylist, I just let my hair grow really long. Because the black dye was so toxic, it grew in straight for once and I could do tons of fun little goth styles with my ton of black hair, like curling it, putting it up, leaving it down, or crimping it out 80s style like this:

Still I got bored sometimes, so I bought the purple wig (excuse the grainy webcam pic from 1999!):

And eventually the purple wig inspired me. I wanted my bob back, but I wanted to keep a little length in the front. And I still wanted to keep my black, but add a little color to it. So we got:

Actually, I think this was just before I went blond again though (see the orange spots where it was hard to remove the dye?):

Then I needed to change up my cut. And this probably still my favorite all time haircut:

A view of the spiky back (excuse the bad role model, drinking pic, my friend Anna is clearly saying no photo!):

Eventually, I was getting a real job so I decided to go a little more natural and try out a reddish hue since I'd never done that before. This pic is probably pretty familiar to many of you:

I got sick of the red pretty quick though and decided to go darker. I also decided to grow it out some. My husband loves the pigtails, so I kept my hair at this length for quite a while so I can do the pigtails on a regular basis:

But pretty soon, I was bored of being entirely natural. When I dyed my bangs magenta to celebrate the release of I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone, my best friend said, "You know this means you're quitting your office job. You won't be able to go back to normal hair again."

And she was right. For the past year and a half, I've had the same hair style but with different bang colors. Purple:

And I also did blue, but can't find a good picture. Then I couldn't decided between colors, so I went multi-colored:

And now my bangs are pink and blue and this is how it looks when it's not in pigtails:
However my hair has been this way for too damn long. It only stayed this way this long because I started whining back in spring and my stylist urged me to just leave it alone until the wedding. So I grumbled and did so. But tomorrow I have an appointment and I'm thinking of going short again. (Though I always stupidly go short right before winter.) This is the style I'm thinking of doing. My friend Tai found it. I'll probably ask for a spiky back like I used to have and love. And no, I won't be going blond again. I do love my dark hair and so does hubby and since this means goodbye to pigtails, I need to do something for him.

So here it is:
What do you guys think? Cute? Or have you seen something better? Or should I suck it up and grow it out? (sometimes I fantasize about my long black hair but I'm too impatient. So that is why I gave it to my character Emily Black instead.) And what should I do about the color of my bangs? I saw a girl with purple on the train and I was thinking about at least adding it back into the mix or going all purple in the bang. Hubby suggested red, but I felt it was too normal, though maybe a bright apple red? Or maybe blonde bangs? I just don't know.... And boy was it weird to see all these styles on me through the years.

What about you do you have to change your hair constantly? Or do you stick with the same style, knowing it is totally you?


BrittLit said...

Love it. That is really a great hairstyle. I too love to change my hair constantly, I haven't dyed it in a while though. I used to dye it all the time. I'm trying to grow it out right now though(even though it kills me) because the BF wants to see it long. Maybe I'll steal this cut when I'm finally sick of it all *laughs* But I definitely think you should go with this one it's wicked cute and it will be awesome with a spiky back.

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Thanks Britt! Yeah, I may someday grow it out for the hubby so he can see it, but I've been really into short styles lately. One of my best friends did a mohawk and I'm trying to decide if I'm daring enough. Or maybe for a faux hawk at least. But for now I think this is super cute!

Suzanne Young said...

Oh, wow! That is a hot hairstyle!!! I change my hair all the time too.

I think you should definitely do the cut--it freaking rocks-- and maybe if you want to keep it dark, you can flip the colors and do the top highlights light?

Either way, it's super cute and fresh.

Loretta Nyhan said...

Super cute! I love the multi-colored look--it makes your eyes stand out!

(And, you just sent me running for the bathroom mirror, picking through my own hair, thinking, what can I do with this mess? I foresee a visit to my stylist in the near future!)

John Knowles said...

Get a mowhawk. Or not, lol. I used to change my hair alot when I was 14-15. After that IO just started growing it long. Every couple of years I'll get some weird bug up my ass to get a haircut and then it's ruined and i'm in a bad mood about it until it gets long again.

pepsivanilla said...

I love that style, it's awesome! I've never dyed my hair, even for Halloween, I'm way lazy, plus school and all those "natural color" rules they had. Now that I'm free oh high school prison, maybe? I've always had long hair, but I cut it to my shoulders recently and it's the best thing ever.

Anyways, one of my friends dyed her bangs turquoise and it looked pretty awesome!

Sarahbear9789 said...

You have a lot of awesome hairstyles. My hair has been similar my whole life.

marina said...

i love dying my hair. [= i've seriously had every color of the rainbow. and all the natural colors too. and in the winter i'm gonna concure the only color i haven't had: white. mainly because i wanna blend in with the snow for some reason. also, the thing about cutting your hair short during winter. i did that last year.
see, i had my mohawk in august until sometimes in october but then i cut it off because i didn't put it up that much. then i got bored one night, in january, and chopped off the sides and got it back. it looked buzzed but i did it with scissors. and i can't wear hats in school because "they're a distraction" (which my hair is more so than hats) and i had dyed it bright pink and blue and my ears were freezing from being outside at lunch and i still had my time again beanie on and i had to take it off. so my ears were like little popsicles that whole time. haha.


Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Thanks for all the input and compliments guys. I did the cut and I love it! though I'll always continue to play with color, that is too much fun!

Bean, I love the idea of dying your hair white to blend with the snow. Your hair sounds like a lot of fun :)