Monday, June 15, 2009

Ballads of Suburbia Contest of the Week: Twitter Contest!

So I've decided that since we are a little over a month out from the Ballads of Suburbia release (*gulp*), it's time to start running weekly contests to celebrate!

I've got some fun prizes stockpiled including a couple leftover ARCs. Soooooo you want a Ballads of Suburbia ARC???? One lucky winner is going to get one!

This week's contest which starts now and will end next Monday at 11 am CST is the twitter contest. I love twitter. I have lots of random thoughts and twitter is the perfect place to share them. I'd feel like too much of a whore twittering about my book release left and right though. But hopefully you are excited about the release of Ballads of Suburbia and are thinking about it and want to twitter about it.... hence the contest.

Following me on twitter ( gets you one entry. Then every time you tweet about my writing or Ballads of Suburbia, you get an entry. You can tweet about why you are excited about Ballads or tweet the link to the book trailer or you can pre-order it and tweet about that or encourage other people to pre-order. You can tweet about this contest or about my website or my blog or for people to follow me on twitter. Whatever, each tweet equals one entry. Then by Monday the 22nd at 11 am CST, I'll count up all the tweets (though if you don't use @writerstephanie somewhere in your tweet, I may not see it, so you will need to email me at stephanie at stephaniekuehnert dot com with a list of those tweets.) The person who tweeted the most, gets the ARC. I'll probably have a fun runner's up prize too.

It will be nice to make someone's day on a Monday because Mondays suck so making them more pleasant is always important.

Simple enough? Good. Questions, leave them here or on twitter.

Not a fan of twitter? No worries. I'll have more contests up until the book release.

Happy twittering!


Steph Su said...

Don't count me in since I was already lucky enough to win an ARC of Ballads from you but I will help you spread the word. :)

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Thanks Steph! I really appreciate it!