Friday, April 17, 2009

Best Friday Ever!

So in case you didn't catch my announcement on twitter or over at Teen Fiction Cafe where we have "Good News Fridays" devoted to news of the type I got this morning.... I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE finaled in the OK-RWA National Readers' Choice Awards! (OK-RWA is the Oklahoma division of Romance Writers Association). It's the first time I've finaled in a big writing contest like this. Winners will be announce in July at the RWA conference, which sadly I probably can't afford to attend, but we'll see.

Needless to say though I had the best intentions to get writing done this morning. It didn't happen. Then one of my dearest friends on the planet who I hadn't seen in too long came over for lunch and lunch included mimosas and lasted four hours so.... not a productive day, but a very happy one.

And it gets even better!!!! I was getting ready to work out and the UPS man came! He had my fabulous vegan engineer boots that I'd ordered earlier this week from mooshoes! (thank you Alison for telling me about mooshoes!)

My friend Mario's band is playing tonight and I have this hot new (well really it's old cause it's vintage) dress that I got in Seattle. So I'm all set to go rock out in dress and boots. Here's a picture of me getting the weekend started (well and finishing it because my "work week" begins tomorrow night.... that's a bartenders life I guess).

And here's a close up on the boot:

The Budweiser box is from the bar BTW, used for Scott moving like forever ago.... I do not endorse drinking of Budweiser.

Anyway I'm off to rock out and I hope you are too. Tell me of your fabulous plans!


Authorness said...

Congrats on your National Reader' Choice nomination, Steph!!!! So excited for you!

I love, love, love the dress. And vegan boots--who knew? Fab ensemble.

x Vanessa

Annika said...

Aw, remember how Will's vows said he wouldn't kiss me with Budweiser breath? He has much better taste in beer now.

Also, that dress is FOXY.

Anonymous said...

i didn't get a chance to thank you for the rest of my prize yet.
i got it something like a week ago and haven't put it down yet!
Ballads (so far) is spectacular!
and i love the boots.

Melissa Walker said...

Love your new widgets and the new site look! AND the dress with the boots. Your style does rule.