Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wedding Dress Take 2

So most of you probably saw my wedding dress conundrum over at the Teen Fiction Cafe last week. I'd found an absolutely adorable Betsey Johnson dress but it was really super mega short. So I contemplated tights or a slip or a seamstress. I got some dissenting opinions that though the dress was cute, it wasn't really special enough or something to be a wedding dress. I mulled all of this over. I stressed. I regretted asking for so many opinions. I came to the conclusion that I would look for slip, but also still keep my eye open.

Tuesday my BFF Katie and I went on a shopping mission, mostly for slips, but with our eyes peeled for dresses. The first store we went to was Macy's (which as a Chicagoan, I usually boycott Macy's because dammit, they bought out Marshall Fields, a Chicago institution, and changed the name and grr this is Chicago, not New York, stop making us feel second class, but um, I had a gift card...) We were pointed to the junior's dress department (because I still don't shop in Women's. I turn 30 in July, but still...). The very first dress we spotted, both of our jaws dropped. We looked at each other and muttered something like "Dude, I think that could be it..."

We grabbed it along with about 7 other dresses (the Macy's dress department had some pretty great stuff!) and I tried everything on. Ultimately I decided on the one that we first spotted. It may not be quite as "me" as the Betsey Johnson, but it's still pretty damn "me." And it's a good compromise, it's a short dress (cause I really don't think I look good in long and formal), but not too short. It's not traditional, but yet it kinda is. Well, I'll just shut up and show it to you (excuse the lack of make-up and crazy hair, I was just trying this on for my mom):

And my favorite part about it, the back. I just love how the ribbon that goes around my neck comes down and laces up in the back (someone will tie a better bow on the big day):
The white part is lacey too though you can't really see it, but it is. The one modification I might make is to get a slip with some tulle because I love dresses that have tulle sticking out from the bottom. the white is off-white so it might hard to match, but my mom actually suggested black tulle.

My mom also comforted me about the Betsey Johnson dress, telling me that that is the kind of dress I'm going to want to wear again and again and my wedding dress should be a one-time only occasion thing. I did find a great slip to go under the Betsey Johnson (though it' a lacey slip so it would be way too revealing for the wedding still). It's going to be the bachelorette party dress and the honeymoon dress and lots of other occasions... Of course the funny thing is that it cost more than the wedding dress, which is Jessica McClintock (thanks Melissa Walker for the suggestion).

So yeah, this is the dress. I'm 95% sure. The only thing that would change my mind is if I stumble upon a totally gorgeous vintage thing in the next few months. But you can still feel free to weigh in with your thoughts. Especially let me know what you think about the tulle. Also I'm happy to look at links for cute black shoes (they have to be vegan though! no leather for this bride!). Oh, and I have no idea what to do with my hair, other than I'm definitely keeping some blue in it (hello, that covers something blue!). I'm pondering pigtails since that is my personal favorite choice for my hair lately, but is that a no-no? Should I leave it down and straighten it? (that's my other look) Or should I try to grow it out so I can wear it up?

Also, I was totally anti-Save the Date cards (umm, isn't that what email is for in these modern times, why waste the printing and postage $) until I saw these record player scratch-off cards that Leslie Hamer of did. Um record players and they are scratch-off!!! That is just too rad to pass up. You may remember Leslie from Women Who Rock Wednesday in December. Since I love to support my fellow female artist, of course I'm having her do my wedding invites. She does some great custom stuff like recently she did these Day of the Dead themed invites which I am totally drooling over. Any ideas of themes that Scott and I should suggest to her for our invites? We both like music of course. I like pirates, but am not sure that is wedding appropriate. He loves cars, so I was thinking some sort of 50s car/pin up sort of thing. But I don't know, other ideas? Oh or traditional tattoo art, maybe. We both really really love tattoos. In fact we have an engagement tattoo idea.... If we can afford it after this whole wedding thing!


Meg said...

i love that dress!

Liviania said...

I love the dress and think black tulle would look nice under it. At least in Austin it's easy to find vintage tulle slips.

As for shoes, Nina's and Antonio Melani both make really cute shoes for cheap. (But now is a good time for winter sale shoes at department stores.)

I think tattoo art cards would be pretty.

Jeri said...

Love it! I wore a Jessica McClintock for my wedding dress, too. They are so unique and yes, affordable. Definitely not the cookie cutter look. :-) And black tulle would look fantastic, in my totally invalid opinion.

Since you asked, I would grow out the hair and wear it up. Or wear it straight down with minimal jewelry. But again, totally invalid opinion from a complete fashion idiot here.


heilige. said...

love the dress. it looks wedding appropriate, and your mom is totally right. that's why brides go out and buy big gowns with big veils and stuff, becuase you just CAN'T wear those again. lol. you'll want a dress that you can idenify as your wedding dress, tuck it away in a cute box and show your daughter (if you have one, lol) and say "this was my wedding dress, that's how cool i am" lol.

i think the dress is very you, but at the same time, very "wedding." you want something that is "you"

as for hair, i think you should go with what is "you." like the dress. if you love pigtails, it would be fun. one thing you might want to watch out for though is looking "trendy." a wedding is very special day, and you'll look at your photos all the time inteh future (even like 30 years down the road.) in my opinion, it's great to go with classic choices. the blue in your hair would be cool, becuase it's very "you," but don't grow your hair out just to put it up, unless that's really what you want. it's your wedding, you can wear it in pigtails if you want!! i personally think your hair looks super hot brody-style.

as for themes, i think the pin-up retro car thing is really cool, and again, very "you." i can't say i know scott really well, but i know it seems like your style.

tattoos are an awesome idea. i am still trying to get jim to get his first, maybe for our anniversary this year.

love you! and call if you need help with plans!

sweetmelissa818 said...

It's gorgeous!

desparapluies said...

great dress! but i pretty much refuse to let you wear pigtails.

Anonymous said...

-I love your new dress, awesome! Another thing about vegan shoes- check Nordstroms and other dept stores around Prom and I bet you'll find some very cute satiny strappy shoes that would go with your dress. And also- satin=vegan! And it looks like it might match the ribbon on your dress?

-I agree, no pigtails. Straight hair is nice and very low stress. I put a flower in my hair just for some extra wedding oomph which might be a nice touch?

-My dear friends actually had a temporary tattoo as a wedding favor for their wedding. A friend of theirs designed a special wedding tattoo for them and then they had it printed on special temporary tattoo paper and left them for guests at dinner. By the end of the night everyone had applied their tattoos and were taking photos of them- it was very cute!

Just some thoughts! :)

Alyson Noel said...

I LOVE the dress--very pretty-very YOU!!

As for the hair-- it's YOUR day--so if you want to rock the pigtails, then do so!!!

I'm so happy for you!!


Melissa Walker said...

LOVE the dress and am so into the black tulle idea. Tulle is so much fun to wear. Takes you back to ballerina princess days and black tulle under a dress like that gives it a rockstar ballerina princess feel, which is badass.

Also, those scratch-off save the dates make me mad that I just sent out my save the dates today--via email. But at least my regular invites will be letterpressed beauties!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Thanks for all the feedback guys! I really appreciate the shoe shopping suggestions!

Everyone seems excited about black tulle (rather than white) so I'm glad I asked. I think I'll go that route.

Sounds like the pigtails is not a good idea according to most people. I'm leaning toward straightened and a little punky, Brody style as Jenny/heilige said. She's my make up artist after all so that's an important opinion. Alison, love the suggestion about the flower in the hair.

Melissa, I'm glad you did email save the dates. I really was gonna do that til I found these and I'm glad I wasn't crazy for thinking that was acceptable!

Gerb said...

It's perfect! I love the back. And your mom is wise - that Betsey Johnson dress would be something you could wear to a lot of different occasions. You look fabulous in both of them!

Steph said...

I love it, Steph! I like it way better than the other one for a wedding, as this is more striking. And you said it - it's kind of inspired on traditional, yet totally its own thing, which is great! You look beautiful!

Love the tulle idea, too.

You must take pictures!


Amara said...

I love your new dress!! I think its especially made for you.

Elisa said...

It looks like that dress was made for you. I mean, it's just perfect!

sexy said...