Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Women Who Rock Wednesday: RockHer Magazine

I don't have a proper interview today since I totally feel like I'm drowning in revisions. Instead I have something awesome to tell you about that will give you something to read while I'm blogging less frequently. You'll probably become totally addicted to this site like I'm sure I will as soon as I have time to breathe and read things other than my own words (which I hate and think suck at this present moment. Good thing I have a couple weeks to bring them up to par... I hope). Anyway, I'm talking about ROCKHER MAG. It's an online zine that covers all things female rock.

I discovered it via a MySpace friend request (this is why I'm slow to approve them right now because I like to look at each page when I get a request in order to make these discoveries). I asked Nicole, the editor/creator of this fabulous webzine to tell me a bit more about it. She said you can learn all about the mission of RockHer here, but she also told me this:

Basically, I'm a one woman show working my butt off on this blog/webzine out of my cozy Brooklyn apartment hoping to set a trend of positive women role models in the music biz. "Positive" in a sense basically that they are truly talented, not necessarily that there's not an edge to them. Edge is cool. Gossipy, pop-star nonsense is not.

Two years ago when I started RockHer I counted over 90% of the bands showcased in main stream music mags were basically just all-male stereotype indie/rock bands, nothing new, nothing notable, nothing memorable, nothing female. RockHer was my way of saying "hey, there's tons of female bands and artists out there, but nobodies talking about them."

I thought that was very cool, so I wanted to spread the word about it. Rock on, RockHer!

Now to announce last week's contest winner, recipient of GOOD ENOUGH: Stephanie from Blogger! Please email me at stephanie at stephaniekuehnert dot com to claim your prize!

Now I am going to do an interview next week, the last one until after revisions are done, so you will definitely want to be here. I'll be featuring artist Leslie Hamer who is awesome and if you need a unique holiday gift or some design work done, I highly recommend her etsy store which I adore!

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Liviania said...

Cool rec! I'll check it out . . . after finals. Don't need to be distracted beforehand!